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2013 Dacia Sandero

Eight years after the launch of Logan, which still stands out as a symbol of the brand's renaissance, Dacia is poised to take the wraps off New Dacia Logan and New Dacia Sandero at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. New, more assertive, status-enhancing styling New Dacia Logan and New Dacia Sandero mark the introduction of new, more assertive, status-enhancing design cues at Dacia. Exterior styling: a greater sense of identity Dacia's new styling identity exudes a global impression of quality and strength. The harmonious front-end lines are shared by both new models and highlight the Dacia logo which sits boldly in the grille. The front end's look is made even more expressive by the forms of the wide headlights and the grille. Seen from the side, the harmonious proportions of the body panels compared with the glazed surfaces reinforce the impression of robustness suggested by the sculpted waistline, more prominent wheel arches and indented flanks which are hallmarks of the entire range. More attractive interior styling Both new models inaugurate the new dark charcoal or two-tone well-equipped, modern dashboard (depending on model and version) which features chrome instrument bevels and particularly functional, latest-generation controls. The air vent surrounds, logo on the steering wheel and gear lever knob are all picked out in chrome (depending on equipment level), while the bottom edge of the central fascia features a coloured trim (depending on finish) that harmonises with ...



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