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New Logan Pick Up [ ] Dacia launches Logan Pick-up in Romania Dacia Logan Pick-up is the latest addition to the Logan family, which already includes a saloon, an estate and a van. It is made at the Pitesti plant, in Romania, and addresses the needs of both business users (tradespeople and merchants) and private motorists looking for a practical leisure vehicle. Dacia Logan Pick-up 4x4 naturally boasts all the hallmark qualities of the Logan family. With a choice of Renault petrol and diesel engines, and a chassis carried over from Logan MCV, Logan Pick-up is eminently modern and robust. And it is superbly practical, with an 800kg payload, a maximum load length of 1.80m and 300 litres of stowage space behind the seats in the cabin. Dacia Logan Pick-up offers unbeatable value for money. Reliable engines Dacia Logan Pick-up comes with a choice of three engines from the Renault group powertrain bank: one petrol engine (1.6 MPI) and two versions (70hp and 85hp) of the 1.5 dCi diesel unit. The 1.6 MPI petrol engine develops peak power of 64kW (90hp) at 5500rpm and peak torque of 128Nm at 3000rpm. It is rugged and easily serviced, important criteria for a utility vehicle. And it yields very creditable torque from low engine speeds. The first three gear ratios are short, for good pullaway and acceleration at low speeds or when heavily loaded, while the top two speeds are staged for acoustic comfort and fuel economy. On a combined cycle, Dacia Logan ...

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